Financial Planning — How We Help You

Successful financial planning is a complex process

At Netto Invest we look at every aspect of your life as it relates to your financial planning and well being.

Here’s how we do it:

By using financial planning to build your wealth

Building wealth requires sound wealth creation strategies, good investment selection and continuing investment management, and is necessary to ensure a reliable income throughout your retirement.

Taking into account your financial situation and anticipated after-tax retirement income needs, we develop a financial plan that assists us in constructing an investment solution that is most likely to achieve your financial objectives. We ensure that you understand the commensurate risk to achieve the required return on your investment.

It is our view that investors should aim to achieve realistic returns over the long term by having a diversified and balanced investment strategy.

By researching and monitoring your investment portfolio

Selecting the investments most suitable to your risk profile, tax situation, income and growth requirements can be daunting. Our team regularly evaluates and monitors investment solutions to ensure that the investments we recommend are amongst the best in their class.

Our portfolio solutions take into account local and offshore exposure, together with allocation of the funds to different asset classes such as shares, bonds, property and cash. We ensure that each asset class in a managed portfolio solution is managed by the best asset manager in that class. These managers are regularly reviewed as part of our solution.

By assisting you to plan for your retirement

Confusion about retirement schemes, tax, inflation and the multitude of investment choices can take some of the pleasure out of retirement. With many years of experience in helping people achieve a comfortable retirement, we are well placed to assist you whether you are thinking ahead, on the threshold of retirement, or already retired.

By advising you through redundancy

Retrenchment can be a very stressful experience and making complex financial decisions during this time can be difficult. We can provide you with helpful, accurate advice on taxation and investment of termination payments, debt restructuring and maintenance of income.

By planning your financial affairs tax-effectively

Taxes can have a dramatic effect on your investment returns and your capital wealth. By structuring investment portfolios in a tax-effective manner, we can assist you to maximise your after-tax investment returns.

By helping you to plan your estate

As part of the overall financial planning process, we can assist you to review your estate planning needs. Effective estate planning will ensure that your assets are bequeathed to your beneficiaries as you intended. Where possible we will offer you options which lead to estate duty and executor cost savings. We will help you to manage estate cash flow and we can arrange for a revision of trust deeds and wills to ensure consistency with changing circumstances.

By helping protect your family and assets through insurance

While you are still building your wealth and repaying your home loan, your most valuable asset is your ability to earn an income. Minimising your risk of financial loss, through insurance, is an important part of financial planning.

We will provide you with comprehensive advice on risk insurance, covering such key areas as life, critical illness, disability and income protection insurance. We will also help put in place the cover that you require, using an objective cost benefit assessment of reputable financial solutions.

By helping your business to best manage employee benefits

All businesses run more smoothly when their employees’ interests are well taken care of. We can assist your business by:

  • determining your requirements with regard to employee benefits and group schemes
  • matching your requirements to reputable financial solutions
  • structuring the selected solution to your specific circumstances
  • advising individual members on the most appropriate options upon withdrawal, retirement and/or disability, and assisting with the claims process
  • conducting annual reviews of the employee benefits solution

By helping your business to best manage financial and continuity risk

As a businessperson, perhaps the last thing on your mind is the impact of change of ownership in the event of death, disability, retirement or disposal. We can help you define and implement key man and buy-sell assurance agreements that take into account the unique circumstances of your business.

Should you be concerned as to whether or not your business is optimised from a tax and asset protection perspective, we will review upon request and, if necessary, arrange for expert restructuring advice to be provided to you.

By looking after your financial planning and wellbeing over time

Ongoing financial investment advice is the key to keeping your financial plans on track. A periodic review of your portfolio can be scheduled to fine-tune your financial plan and keep it on track, and to make the most of new opportunities that arise. Additionally, our regular client communication, including our newsletter “Let’s Talk Money”, will help keep you up to date with the latest issues affecting your investments and tax.